Pure flavour has a new form.

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How to get the best out of citrus fruit? We developed a new way to juice. Perfectly tuned to the shape of fruit. More refined. Smoother. Softer. More powerfull. This way we only press the best out of fruit. Only pure juice. Without any of the bitterness.

A new way to juice.

the Juicer's uniquely shaped press cone ensures the best taste. Its design follows the natural curve of the citrus fruit. This makes for a more refined and softer juicing method – squeezing only juice and flavour, while leaving all of the bitterness in the peel. The proof is in the taste.

Iconic design, rock solid quality
Fast juicing (1450 rpm.)
For citrus fruits & pomegranates

Fresh and clear or creamy and full of fibre.

The unique combination of the press cone, rotation direction, and centrifuge gives you the choice of two types of citrus juice: pure, fresh and clear, or creamy juice that’s full of healthy fibre. At just the touch of a button, you'll enjoy 70% more fibre and up to 30% more juice.

Soft-touch LED operation

Press any citrus fruit – and pomegranate too.

the Juicer is perfectly matched to squeeze juice from any citrus fruit. But that’s not all: it effortlessly gets the best out of pomegranates too. Making it a versatile press for any lover of pure juice.

30% more juice, 70% more fibre

Made in Europe.

the Juicer is a purely European quality product. Developed entirely in the Netherlands and built to last a lifetime. Designed robustly using materials of the highest quality, with a solid aluminium housing and parts made of food-safe Tritan®. Made for daily use, including in a professional setting.

Taste and you won’t want anything else.

Timeless beauty.

the Juicer was designed in the Netherlands. Its sleek, timeless appearance fits any kitchen. The ergonomically shaped handle provides grip and gives you full juicing control. After use, all washable parts can be removed for cleaning in the dishwasher, while the smooth one-piece housing makes the rest of the appliance very easy to clean.

Easy cleaning.

Just twist to take off the dish washer safe parts at once.

Silent power.

Equipped with a durable induction motor, the Juicer always has enough power available. With a speed of 1,450 rpm, juicing is powerful and controlled. The motor comes with a lifetime warranty.

Easy to use

the Juicer self-service drip tray

The optional 'self service' drip tray is ideal for use at breakfast in a Boutique Hotel or Bed and Breakfast, in a hotel bar or just at home.

the Juicer is equipped with a drip stop and comes standard with a simple 'drip tray'



Wir haben uns heute nach langer Recherche uns für den Juicer entschieden. Wir haben es eben ausprobiert bzw. getestet. Wir sind begeistert und absolut begeistert. Sehr gute Qualität und alles gut verarbeitet. Der Saft schmeckt hervorragend. Top Qualität


We bought the juicer from a dealer. The first one was faulty, so they gave us a replacement right away. The juicer is really worthy of the name "Juicer". We have been drinking really smooth juice ever since. Recommended!

Zahra Karimi

Enjoy the best citrus juice.

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