Fresh and Clear
Or Smooth and full of Fibres


Simply the best

Top Dutch designers and engineers challenged the status quo of today’s citrus press. We wanted to develop the best in the world. After five years of hard work and endless testing we achieved all of our objectives. A new citrus icon is born.

Iconic design, rock solid quality
Fast juicing (1450 rpm.)
Five-year warranty
A joy to use, easy to clean
For citrus fruits & pomegranate
Quiet operation

Full of fine fibres

With just a touch of a button, the Juicer produces a choice of citrus juice - fresh and clear or smooth and rich in fibres*. This is orange juice like you have never tasted before! The characteristic juicing cone is engineered to separate the bitter citrus pith from the juice, promising a sweeter taste with every press.

Dutch Design and Engineering

With its solid base and elegantly curved body, the Juicer complements home kitchens and professional bars alike. Soft-touch control buttons are well-positioned for easy access, while the ergonomically shaped handle offers perfect control over the fruits to press.

Dutch design
Drag to rotate

Get more out of your oranges

The combination of unsurpassed power and optimum ergonomics guarantees an effortless juicing experience. the Juicer rotates at 1,450 rpm and the unique design of the cone and handle ensures a comfortable, efficient squeeze until the very last drop.

Up to 30% more juice and 70% more fibres



Immunity boost

Lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit, the Juicer is suitable for all citrus fruits. At the fibre function, it also turns fresh pomegranates into a healthy shot of vitamins and antioxidants.

Orange juice is a prefect base for an energising smoothie. Just blend with fresh or frozen fruits and for a refreshing drink mix with buttermilk.

the Juicer explored

Engineered to last and made of only the best materials, the Juicer features a commercial-grade brushless motor and stainless steel drive-train. Its body, cone and bowl are made of rock-solid die-cast, stainless steel and food-safe tritan®. the Juicer offers a 5-year warranty.

Easy to clean

Finished juicing? Simply twist off all washable parts at once for a quick rinse. The one-piece body features a gently curved design that’s easy to wipe clean.

For home and commercial use

Engineered for commercial use and designed to fit in the most beautiful home kitchen, the Juicer offers the best of both worlds.

In a office, a juice bar or at home, the superfast brushless motor operates silently, so you can juice at any time, without disturbing conversations or waking the family.

Made in Europe, built to last

Made in Europe is a stamp of quality and one of our key objectives while developing the Juicer. This iconic appliance is manufactured in our brand new, state-of-the-art factory, hand-built to perfection from only the best materials.

Better taste, no waste

During development we have paid close attention to sustainability. Designed to stand the test of time, the Juicer is quaranteed to last for many years. In the unlikely event of a technical failure, it is easy to repair with every component replaceable, while all packaging being compostable. 

Freshly squeezed or bottled? Not just much tastier, but also better for the environment.

What’s your orange mood today?

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theJuicer story

Watch the video

Wattage 230 Volt / 340 Watt
Speed 1,450 rpm
Motor type Commercial-grade induction motor
Maximum height glass or jug 145 mm
Height 385 mm
Width 185 mm
Depth 210 mm (300 mm including drip tray)
Nett weight 7,4 kg
Housing and handle Cast aluminium and soft-touch ABS grip
Sound level 65 dBA
Bowl and cover Foodsafe Tritan®
Sieve and cone Stainless steel (316)
Capacity Maximum 50 glasses of juice per day (10 liters)
Reference number(s) EP7000
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More than orange juice

Who doesn’t like to start the day with a fresh glass of orange juice or have with lunch? But there is more to it than that. Fresh citrus juice forms the perfect base for a refreshing drink. Create your own juice bar by combining the Juicer with a blender or stick mixer, for a fresh, energising smoothie, blend fresh citrus juice with fresh or frozen fruits, or a glass of buttermilk for extra tang.

Eight refreshing juice combinations:

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